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Real assistance for a Vet is located where?

Author: BrianD98252 (Snohomish County)
Posted: 04/24/2019 @ 2:33 pm
I am totally confused. I see all these Toll Free numbers for so called emergency assistance to Veterans, you call and you get a referral that ends up getting you a list of telephone numbers that are to places that really can't help and send you away with a list of more telephone numbers. There are some great programs out there for Veterans if you are addicted to drugs, a criminal on the mend and everything is habitual. If you can prove this HUD could by you a home, or pay your rent and get you off the streets. The VA and other related organizations will gladly provide help. How about help the Veteran that has always worked their fannies off to provide, always tried to be a good citizen and provide a good role model to our younger generation. Someone that has stayed from abusing legal and illegal drugs, someone that has always been there to help others and always made it a point to give to his community. Well ,There is not any that I personally can find. I am speaking from experience and it is happening as I type. I am a US Navy Vet. I have always been employed by a company or have had my own business in which my days were 10-15 hours long. I have survived and assisted others to survive. Given the shirt off my back, provided food and shelter , repaired their vehicles at no cost, provided jobs to people re-establishing their lives. My situation at this time is something I never thought I would face in my life. At 60 years old my significant other of 18 years (she's 63) are facing the fact of being homeless. Why, I got injured assisting a friend. It took the medical professionals (including the VA Hospital) almost a year to diagnose me with a few problems. The VA played games with my healthcare and I got tired of the games so I fired them. I finally got surgery in 2016 to repair a double inguinal hernia both of pretty good size. I have been going back and forth with specialists since 2017 about pain in the surgery area. It's now 2019 and I still have pain from that surgery and I cannot work because of the intensity of the pain when I do is very severe. I have been officially out of work since late 2015. I have managed to keep things together being that I have close to 30 years experience in the building trades I was able complete some jobs when I really should not have, but you have to do things to survive. All this time I have never asked for assistance in any way. My Sig Other is on SSDI and is unable to work. It has been rough . In January we were informed by our landlord that he has to sell the house we have been renting from him since 2010 because the bank is not going t because there is o let him keep the house through the summer unless he pays off his construction loans that are attached to the house. This places us in a very tough situation especially since I am not working and have no income. It is going to be interesting to get a new place not having the money for anything, 1st , Last, Damage (we have 2 indoor cats and a little dog) not to mention the moving costs and of course the current rent. I have recently ran out of funds and we cannot pay rent. We are in arrears, our landlord is working with us, but that will end by June because he has to place the house on the market. I have been trying to get assistance for housing, emergency help and relocating in a new place. It has been a truly saddening experience. I have realized that if we do not get assistance we are going to lose everything that we own. In addition to that we will be unable to care for our pets and provide them any shelter. When I have contacted places I get the same thing like I stated before. A list of phone numbers. It's like searching for something on the internet, you won't find what you need, but it will tell you where to go. I am currently seeking employment, but it is out of my regular recent work experience and being 60 really limits my options. My long term goal is to get back into my business in building maintenance after my health is level. If anyone out there who has taken the time to read this has the knowledge of where we can go for assistance or even better works with an organization that can help.. Please contact me
Author: Alex ( Social Network of Care )
Posted: 04/24/2019 @ 3:13 pm
Hello, Thank you for reaching out to the Network of Care, I am extremely sorry for the trouble you've had in locating assistance. I will be reaching out to you directly via email shortly, but I wanted to reply here first and let you know that we will whatever we can to assist you in getting the help you need. Best, Alex Halpern Research Director Network of Care